JUST IN: Teacher Unions release a letter to address rumors on this year’s CPD Allowance.


The NPP government led by H.E Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo and Hon. Matthew Opoku Premepeh, the then Educational minister introduced a Continuous Professional Development (CPD) allowance to teachers in Ghana Education service.Continuous Professional Allowance is an allowance paid to teachers to build up their capacity through online courses, workshops, further studies etc. The payment of CPD began in 2020 November, in 2021 November, it was paid with a laptop deductions which some teachers  are yet to received their laptops, since it inception they always ensure it is paid on the said month, November, we commend them for that.

In about a week ago, a rumors was hovering on the internet saying this year’s professional Development Allowance will suffer a modem deduction, most teachers are agitating on this, some are very furious with this said rumors, others are cool with as our faiths are in limbo waiting to hear from the teacher unions.

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On 12th September 2022, the teacher unions have released a letter to inform the public about the rumors, it reads; We the Teacher Unions, officially write to remind you of the 2022 Continuous Professional Development (CPD) allowance for Teaching staff of Ghana Education service as provided for in section 16.0 of the 2020 collective Agreement for Teaching Staff within the Ghana Education service.

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It is our hope that, the Continuous Professional Development(CPD) allowance would be paid before the end of 31st December,2022.

Thank You


The Teacher Unions are hoping it get paid before December, in this case they cannot emphatically assure the teachers it will be paid.


Below is the letter attached.

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