Check out who killed Baba spirit.

Baba Spirit is a well known comedy actor in Ghana, his comedy was accepted by Ghanaians due to his accent attached to his role.

In few days now, the media announced his demise, which has being shocken to most Ghanaians, the media and the entertainment industry.

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Following an interview organised by Gyimah host of entertainment and tourism on TV XYZ, Baba spirit brought out a lot of issues, he said" I have gone through a lot of agony, me I always say I died and have come back to life, I have being to many hospitals but yet the illness is not leaving me, the illness has affect me about two years ago. The host asked, what did the doctors say about the illness, Baba said they couldn't figure out the illness, I was only given a medication, after the medication I could feel I am okay but in few months I will feel it illness back, I could only feel some dizziness and laziness within my body system, think it is malaria parasite that has entered my body system.

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This time the illness has become severe that walking around has become difficult, one afternoon I stood to go and empty my bowel , I got fainted in the washroom, from here I was directed by Avram Moshe to a spiritualist because I didn't have any believe in any of the pastors because of what Hon. Kennedy Agyapong spoke about them. The spiritualist told me my current situation is from the entertainment industry, someone is bewitching you,where the situation has gotten to it is hardly I can save your soul, it has gotten to a depth point, I know the person responsible for this happening, but I can't bring out his name, the industry is not something light to take it, things are really happening behind the scenes".

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