JUST IN: Update On Salary Negotiations For 2024.

Most public service workers are anxious of when salary negotiations for 2024 will commence since inflation, taxes and cost of living are making the salaries  suffer hopelessness.

After the outbreak of the covid-19 Pandemic and Russia-Ukraine war,  Ghana experienced a high cost of inflation in 2022, of which salaries were nothing to talk about, public service workers could no longer bear the heat which left many talking. 
Organised labour felt the heat it members were going through and then consulted 
Ministry of Finance for a Cost Of Living Allowance(COLA) to supplement it members, unfortunately the percentage they demanded was not met but half a loaf is better than non.
Fast Forward, the COLA couldn't withstand the pressure in town, this time organised labour was going on the round table to discuss salary increment for the upcoming year, since they knew the inflation rate and taxes at that time, they equally tightened their belt to go boot for boot with the government, of which finally a 30% increment was agreed on.
Along the line this year, some salary earners were calling for Cost of Living Allowance(COLA) since there has been increment in all utility tariffs.

Update from GNAT CTE/FCE NKABOM In service training held at Ola college of Education, many important issues were discussed which minimum wage was not exempted.
Negotiation for new minimum wage for January 2024 will commence soon. It is wide and clear that once the minimum wage for a year is out, it gives a green light for salaries negotiation. 
Members are so optimistic that leaders will not let them down amidst increment in all utility tariffs and high cost of living.

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