IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Ministry of Education addresses false report by Tv3.


The ministry of Education on 17th August, 2023 released a letter to address a new item reported by TV3. The letter reads;

"The Ministry of Education would like to address recent reports by TV3 regarding statements supposedly made by the Minister for Education, which challenge headteachers to list schools without textbooks. We want to clarify that the Minister has not granted any interview or made any statement to TV3 or any other media outlet regarding this specific matter.

We strongly condemn the deliberate spread of false information and the misuse of media to cultivate negative sentiments against the Minister without recourse to their own professional tenets. These actions not only erode the integrity of responsible journalism but also have far-reaching consequences on public discourse and the reputation of Public Servants.

We urge the public to dismiss the report published by TV3 as it is untrue and lacks a factual basis. Please rest assured that in the coming days, the Ministry will take all necessary legal steps to ensure that TV3 retracts this regrettable publication and issues a formal apology to the Minister for Education".

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