Pentecost Elder commits suicide.

 Every blessed day carries it own blessings and challenges, some peoples get greater opportunities whilst others get into a bitter pain.

A town called bledi in the Bia East district of the western North region,A Pentecost elder known as Elder Obeng has taken his own life. Ebentrends interviewed some residents of bledi to find out the major cause of the suicide, the peoples said, they cannot really state the cause of his action because no letter or information was left behind. Ebentrends later asked if the man in question owed any of the residents,the answer was there was nothing of that sort.

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There was an interview with the wife of the deceased , she said she has no issue with his late husband, his late husband has not reported any problem to him being it any form, so she can’t emphatically state what actually caused his sucidal. The woman later added that, his late husband has caused them a great pain. Ebentrends is following the cause of the suicide of this elder, our followers will be updated.

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