New information to Gnat Loan Applicants.

Gnat loan as known from ages has not being as it is now, sometimes ago, a loan processing and issuance of cheques takes a week to about three weeks, but now, deductions  of some  members begins even as they have not received cheques from the association.

Management of Teachers Fund  must expediate actions to resolve this impasse the disbursement is facing.

Below is the release from the fund management. 

As part of the loan appraisal process, the Fund may be contacting the Witnesses/Sponsors/Guarantors on loan applications received.

Loan applicants are advised to ensure that their witnesses/ sponsors/ guarantors are aware of this new development to ensure speedy processing of loans.

For further enquiries, please contact your District GNAT Secretariat or the Teachers' Fund directly on 0302429888

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