The 2022 Computerised School Selection and Placement System (CSSPS)  has added four new updates to the previously established system. These Include;
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1. The Introduction of a cluster of schools: These are similar schools that belong to the same category which candidates may comfortably accept as alternative schools to their initial choices.

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2.  Absorption of 212 Technical Institutes known as TIs

3. Inclusion of 5 Newly Established STEM Schools

4. Opportunity to Select Low Enrollment Schools as Boarding in the 6th Choice.

The article below gives you details of the selection process, though very different from the norm, and has been well presented to help Teachers, Students and Parents to be able to select their choices of Second Cycle Institutions in Ghana.

You are Free to ask any question that relates to the selection process in the commens box below. 

Source: Ellis Ferdinand

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