Just In: A Man dies for allegedly sleeping with Pig in Juaben.


This unfortunate  incident happened at Juaben. A man was summoned at the Juaben traditional council, the man in questions name is kojo Duah who is guessed to be forty years plus, he is married with children.

Mr joe who is the owner of the pig, and one who summoned Kojo Duah for allegedly sleeping with his pig.Such act is not tolerated in our communities, it is considered unlawful.

The owner of the pig has suspected someone to be sleeping with his pig because the pig always get miscarriage when it is sited to be pregnant, he then hired someone to monitor his pig for him about some months ago.

The chiefs served the suspected man on tuesday and scheduled to sit on the matter on 25th October,  2022. Few hours after he was served, a news came that the man has been sent to divine hospital, news break up that the man has passed on at the hospital. Upon further consultations, it is believed because of the charge put on him that has resulted to his death. After a postmotem the cause of his death will be made known to the public, whether out of humiliation he has taken his own life or pressure made it or his timely death, doctors report will confirm it.

Upon further consultation, when the elders of the parish went to address this issue to his family,  kojo Duah's demeanor and posture changed. The elders of the parish told the family to get closer to him in order not to harm himself, but unfortunately he couldnt live to defend himself.

Source: Kessben breaking news

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