JUST IN: An important message to teachers


Teachers in the deprived,rurals and urbans areas are giving some number of years to serve and afterwards Ghana Education Service gives teachers who wish to pursue a further studies through a study leave with pay mode, a chance to do so. Ghana Education service recently released a letter to inform the public about this year's study leave with pay and it related issues, of which the Ghana Education Service is working on them to ensure those who are due will be granted.

GES has officially released a letter to inform the general public that teachers who were given the approval to undergo study with pay in 2018 and beyond,who have undergone and finished the necessary training returning to the teaching field should visit the Ghana Education Service website: https://gespromotions.gov.gh/posting and provide the required and accurate information as requested.

 The release states that the filling of the online posting forms begins on thursday, 1St 2022 and ends on Wednesday, 21st September, 2022. It means they(teachers) have three weeks to fill and submit their data for onwards process to enhance a successful posting processes, teachers who fail to fill the said form does that in their own risk, meaning their postings are likely to be in limbo.

The release later insisted that all staff who are returning from study leave with pay are required to complete the online form. The management of Ghana Education service must be applauded for always honoring their promises about their staffs returning from study leave with pay.

Below is the letter released by Ghana Education Service.

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