Check out EPL matches today 31st August 2022 and some other details.


The English premiere league cannot be boring, always giving hope and instilling confidence in it fans. The EPL is in a sieving process; is when a larger particles are distinguished from a smaller particles, in this process the bigger teams are making their way up on the league table whilst the smaller teams are sinking. In the English premiere league, no team is  described stronger than the other unless the season starts, a team can take a second place at the end of a the season but will be struggling not to be relegated in it current season.

In the other hand, a team can be consistent through out a season, I describe the EPL as all possible league because anything has a higher possibility of happening. Yesterday’s matches brought up some changes on the league table, in all Arsenal’s are still leading the table with 12 points.

Below are the fixtures for the English premier league matches today.

AFC Bournemouth vrs Wolverhampton Wanderers.

In their last five games Wolverhampton Wanderers had 3 wins, AFC Bournemouth had only 1 win and have 1 draw. Both teams are sinking on the league table, both are in danger zone, both are struggling not to be relegated. Today’s  match will determine who can move out of the danger zone.

Arsenal vrs Aston villa

In their last five games played, Aston villa had 3 wins whilst the Gunners had 2 wins. Aston villa is not too far from relegation, if he losses today’s match it is likely he joins the relegation teams. Will Arsenal win it to keep them up on the league table ?, but records shows Arsenals have scored Aston villa many times, time will decide who wins.

Manchester city vrs Nottingham city

They have overall met four(4) times, Manchester city had 2 wins, Nottingham forest had 1 win and have 1 draw. Manchester city has secured a better place on the table, they are just behind arsenal but Nottingham forest are in between space, they are neither moving up nor drowning.

West Ham United vrs Tottenham Hotspurs.

Both teams have won 2 matches against each other and had 1 draw, in their last five(5) games played. Tottenham Hotspurs are just behind Manchester city but west Ham United are not safe on the league table, if they loss against Tottenham then they are equally joining the relegation bus.

Liverpool vrs Newcastle United.

In their last five(5) games played Liverpool won 3, Newcastle has no win and has 2 draws. Records show Liverpool has scored Newcastle many times. today is another day let’s see what happens.

Below is the fixtures with time allocated for the various matches.

To draw the curtains down, today’s match is a massive and a must watch games, believe me there will be a shake up on the league table.

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