Dr. Eric Nkansah sends a heartfelt message to all Ghanaian Teachers.


5th October, is marked as teachers day, Director General of Education has sent a heartfelt messages to all Ghanaian teachers who are working tirelessly to ensure the standard of Ghana Education is raised  and also ensuring all school going children receive the best education to propel them for future opportunities. 

Below is the message from the Director-General of Education, Dr. Eric Nkansah "Congratulations to all teachers across the country.  

On behalf of the Ghana Education Service, I congratulate all teachers on this special occasion of the 2023 World Teacher's Day.

We celebrate you, our hardworking teachers across the country for your extraordinary service to Mother Ghana."

Teachers are playing a key role in the nation development, teachers cannot be exempted from the nations development because they play a significant role. 

To liberate a nation from slavery is through Education conveyed by teachers,  to ensure a child thinks right  is the role of a teacher, and many others.

Congratulations to all teachers for your dedication, willingness, enthusiasm and confidence bestowing in Ghanaian children. Only undeveloped nations and societies have less respect for teachers. 

Your services will pay off one day.

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