Immediate Release: National Teaching Council Announces New Fee Structure for License Cards, Renewals, and Teacher Registration

National Teaching Council has released a letter to all regional letters addressing the cost of License card, renewal of license  and registration of teachers, the letter reads;

I write to respectfully inform you that the National Teaching Council is from this year 2023, implementing fully the fees and charges as approved by the Parliament of the Republic of Ghana.

The National Teaching Council is authorised by the fee and charges (Miscellaneous provisions) Act 2022 to levy its clientele to support its regulatory functions.

Per the Act, the following fees and charges are incumbent upon all teachers: 

1. Licence card

GH 200.00

2. Renewal of licence


3. Registration of teachers

GHE 50.00

You are therefore requested to bring this to the attention of your employees.

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Below is the release;

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