Addressing Concerns and Embracing Change on validation for September.


Validation is a monthly electronic process that confirms the details of employees on payment vouchers. It provides reassurance to salary recipients, but some employees express their concerns when validation is delayed.

When validation is completed, salary recipients may face various issues such as reduced salaries, unauthorized deductions, promotion complications, alterations in their record in the ESPV (Employee Salary Payment Voucher), or transfers between different payment vouchers. Therefore, it is essential for employees to communicate with their validators to ensure the accuracy of their information.

With the release of the September validation, several changes have been observed. Newly assigned teachers with recently issued staff IDs have been included in the ESPV, and some have received their owed arrears, while others have received only three months' worth.

Employees who have successfully passed higher promotional exams have also had their information updated in the ESPV, and those with arrears related to promotions can seek clarification from their validators. These are just a few of the changes visible in the ESPV, highlighting the importance of regular communication with validators due to monthly unexpected updates.

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