Avoid this mistake when applying for International Scholarship

 scholarships opportunities meant for us are unfortunately not won due to some common mistakes we mostly make during the application process 

 Below are some terrible mistakes we make when applying for scholarships in the US🇺🇸:

Meeting Deadlines: Ensure timely submission of all required documents and applications, and verify these dates on the school's website.

Incomplete Submissions: Ensure that all sections of your application are properly filled out and that you've included all necessary materials.

Adhering to Eligibility Criteria: Prioritize confirming that you meet the scholarship requirements before applying and carefully review the criteria for each school.

Personalized Essays: Craft unique essays that showcase your genuine interests, experiences, and aspirations. Avoid using generic or copied content.

Securing Strong Recommendations: Obtain recommendation letters from individuals who can vouch for your abilities and character.
Proofreading Your Application: Thoroughly check your application for spelling, grammar, and formatting errors to enhance its quality.

Expanding School Choices: Broaden your school selection to increase your chances of success, as some schools may have limited space for new students.

 It's not always about your academic excellence; space constraints can be a deciding factor.

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