JUST IN:Teacher Unions Express Concern Over Delay in Releasing Ghana Education Service Promotion Results


We, the Teacher Unions write to express our dismay and unhappiness with regards to the delay in releasing the March 2023 promotion results. The examination was written as far back as March 2023. Per the agreement we had with the Ghana Education Service (GES), two promotion exams were supposed to be written annually (March and August).

As we write this letter, we are already in the month of August 2023, where the second cohort of teachers are to write their promotion exams. To make matters worse, no official communique has been issued by the GES on the delay in releasing the March 2023 promotion results.

The delay has aggravated the backlog that we all sort to clear and it has further

added to the woes of the teacher, thereby defeating the intention of writing the promotion exams.

We therefore, insist that the second set of the promotion examination should be written and the results released before 31 December, 2023.

By this, we call for the immediate release of the March 2023 examination results by Friday, 25th August 2023 or else, we have no other option than to advise ourselves.

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Below is the letter from the teacher associations 

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