JUST IN : GES Adopts the Smart Workplace System for Enhanced Efficiency and Collaboration

In an effort to embrace digitalization and enhance efficiency, the Ghana Education Service has commenced training for staff on the use of the Smart Workplace system.

The Smart Workplace system is an intranet and collaboration solution that will boost productivity and efficiency.

In addition, the Smart Workplace will facilitate better collaboration among employees and improve employee satisfaction.

The training session has started from the headquarters and will continue throughout the regional and district levels to help all staff get familiar with the use of the virtual workplace.

After the update was posted 

Below are some reactions from netizens:

Great initiative but its sustainability of it is very important. We are tired of asking for our Names and date birthdays even when you are going on retirement.

They are still forcing us to present "WRITTEN" Weekly and termly scheme of learning!

If you type it nicely and present, Headmasters/headmistresses are not willing to accept, just because they are no more using the chalk like we do!

Talk to them. Our Lesson notes are exhausted, yet you go to the office and they tell you it's finished. 

You print it too, they are refusing. This particular term paa de3, unless they transfer me. And if it's against my right, i shall pray to the law court! 

Weytn teacher do Teacher?

But Some  Siso's are still telling Teachers to write lesson notes..

This has been tested in Accra and proven successful. Bring it down here n u will not get network to even start the system. GES should sometimes sort advice from NIA during their massive exercise to no internet issues

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