What you might not know about the flood in Weija.

Peoples mostly pray it rain everyday so they can get enough water to enhance their farming activities, on the other note some peoples in the urban areas also prays it doesn’t rain at all because they are affected greatly whenever it rains.

Resident near weija dam have been affected with the heavy downpour along the week. The weija dam according to report has being in existence since sixty years but has never cause such a havoc, it was revealed that when there is a massive rainfall in the eastern region, since there is a problem with the outlet connecting to the sea, it is likely we shall experience such unusual conditions when the problem is not attended to.

The rain entered peoples shops, rooms, workplaces, schools etc.An old man who reside round the weija dam was found dead, which is very pathetic after the water level lowered.
Peoples were ask to join their natives in different regions and district within Greater Accra and Eastern.

Most traders will not know what will happen if they get the chance to enter their shops said one of them, just imagine a business man who runs cold store, what will happen after the water goes down?, just imagine.

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