A wake up call to the Union leaders and National Labour Commission.

Ghana is currently facing it highest inflation rate ever, after a strike declared by the teacher unions in demand for cola, the 20% cola requested was not met, only 15% was granted to the public service workers, after the cola was granted, Ghana's inflation rate keeps sky rocketing, utilities are still moving higher, price of fuel is not something to write home about.

In few days ago, transport unions have come out to declare to the public that, there will be an increase in transport fares effective September,21 2022 because they can no longer bare the hardship.

Sachets and bottle water sellers have also spite out their displeasure in the current  inflation rate which is affecting and collapsing their businesses, a sachet water which sells at GH¢0.20p will be sold GH¢0.50p which is about 150% increase.

Yesterday some cocoa farmers voiced out the hardship they are going through, currently a bag of cocoa sells at GH¢660, they are pleading the government increase a bag of cocoa to GH¢1200 which is also not far from 100%.

This is a wake up call to the teacher unions and the Ghana National labour commission of Ghana, who promote the welfare of Ghanaian workers should ensure negotiation for the upcoming year must not fall below 30%, if anything below 30% is accepted, some public service servants will show a displeasure to the executives of the labour commission and the union leaders as discussed on a nationwide public service page.

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