Live update on today's EPL, 30th August,2022.

 The English Premier League(EPL) matches gets thrilling each day, some top teams are getting sunk on the table whilst some minor teams are making it up each day.

The matches played along the weekends brought a major sake up on the league table, today's matches will determine weather the gunners will continually lead the table, when had a brief interview some fans of Arsenals these we some outcome, "we have confidence, we are leading the table till the end of the season","this matches can not bring us down, tomorrow's match can is a bit disturbing but we(the gunners) are on fire this season".

Today's fixtures are as follows

1.Crystal palace vrs Brentford

Their last match played was a goalless draw, who is winning today?

2.Fulham vrs Brighton & Hove Albion

They both played goalless in their last two games.

3 Chelsea vrs Southampton

Chelsea won in the last two games played against Southampton.

Will Southampton come up stronger this time?, time will decide.

4.Leeds United vrs Everton

They drew on the last but one match played, Everton won their last match played against Leeds United.

Below are the fixtures with their time to be played allocated.

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