Free Online IELTS Practice Tests By The British Council

Host Organization: British Council Course Offered By: The IELTS learning materials are offered by the British Council Sections of the 

IELTS Test: Listening,Reading, Writing, and Speaking

Any Charges for Test: There are no charges for this free English test preparation

Age Restrictions: Anyone can avail of this free English test preparation opportunity.

What Material Includes In IELTS Practice Tests

The test includes the following sections as given below:

1. You can have Free online IELTS Reading practice tests with complete material for preparation!

1. Free Online Paper for Academic IELTS Reading practice test

2. Free online Paper General IELTS Training Reading practice test 

2. Free Best Online Listening practice tests for IELTS 

3. Free online tests for IELTS Speaking practice.

4. Free online paper for IELTS Writing practice tests

1. Free online IELTS Writing Academic preparation / practice tests

2. You can have a Free Paper/ Test for the IELTS General Training Writing practice exam.

What Are The Benefits Of British Council Free Online IELTS Practice Tests?

1. Our IELTS practice materials provide a valuable opportunity to familiarize yourself with the different sections of the IELTS exam.

2. You can increase your chances of success in IELTS by taking advantage of our free Online IELTS practice tests, which offer a comprehensive and effective way to prepare yourself for this exam.

3. You can get valuable, IELTS preparation material without any cost.

 4. Assess your progress and determine for the IELTS, where you stand on the Road to Success for IELTS with our practice tests, which allow you to gauge your level of preparation and identify areas, where you need to improve.

What Are The Eligibility Of Free Online IELTS Practice Tests By British Council?

1. The applicant must 18 years / or more to get avail this opportunity. 

2.You need valid passport to apply for free test session. .

3.You should come with 2 hours and 50 minutes of uninterrupted time during the exam. 

4. A stable / fast internet connection is necessary.

5. You need laptop / Computer only. 

6. You need to download the "Inspera Exam Portal application", to start your test on your laptop or computer

How To Join Free IELTS Preparation Tests?

1. You just need to apply through the British Council official website for the course.

2. Complete your registration for Online IELTS practice tests. 

3. Complete the application form, Fill all the requirements according to the given criteria.

4. Submit the IELTS Prepartion Test Form.

What Is The Application Deadline For IELTS Preparation Tests By British Council?

You can join any time, there is no deadline.

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