Fully Funded Scholarship for MSc Mathematics and Statistics students

Fully funded MSc programs in mathematics and statistics in the USA are highly competitive, and the availability of funding may change over time. Here are some institutions that have historically offered fully funded MSc programs in mathematics and statistics:

University of California, Berkeley: UC Berkeley's Department of Mathematics offers fully funded MSc programs with opportunities for research and financial support.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT): MIT's Department of Mathematics offers various financial aid options for MSc students.

Stanford University: Stanford's Department of Mathematics has funding opportunities for graduate students pursuing MSc degrees.

Harvard University: Harvard's Department of Statistics offers financial support to MSc students.

Princeton University: Princeton provides financial aid and funding for MSc students in mathematics and statistics.

University of Michigan: The University of Michigan offers funding options through assistantships and fellowships for MSc students in these fields.

University of Chicago: The University of Chicago's Department of Statistics offers financial aid for its MSc programs.

University of Washington: The Department of Mathematics at the University of Washington provides funding for graduate students pursuing MSc degrees.

Remember that fully funded programs often come with teaching or research assistantship responsibilities. It's important to check the specific requirements and funding opportunities at each institution and keep an eye on application deadlines and program changes.

Be prepared to meet rigorous academic requirements and demonstrate your commitment to mathematics and statistics to be competitive in the application process

Also the below institutions provides a fully funding scholarship for Msc Mathematics and statistics students. 

(1) Memorial University 

(2) Queens University

(3) McGill University 

 (4) Simon Fraser University. 

(5) University of Alberta.

 (6) University of Calgary.

 (7) University of Georgia.

 (8) University of Kentucky. 

(9) University of Manitoba. 

(10) Bowling Green State University. 

(11) University of Alaska Fairbanks 

(12) University of North Texas. 


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