Unveiling the Approach for Salary Negotiations for 2024.

In the jungle, when all animals remain calm, it holds significant meaning. When a dog starts displaying agitation, it signifies that the dog has encountered an unusual experience or is yet to encounter one. Meanwhile, when a cat maintains a composed and steady demeanor, it suggests that the cat prefers to observe events rather than take immediate action.

Which of these approaches is the organized labor adopting for this year's salary negotiations? Last year, they employed the dog's approach, and it was effective. They made all details of their meetings public, benefiting public servants. What's happening this year? The challenges persist, utilities have become increasingly burdensome since the 30% increment due to additional taxes and other factors. Organized labor, why the silence?
You represent the voice of public and civil servants, providing hope. Why the silence amidst these hardships? All union leaders are quiet. Is there no planned increment for the upcoming year? With only three months left in the year, there's no update.

The new cocoa price has been announced, creating a buzz among cocoa farmers as they commence the main crop season. What about teachers as they start the next academic term in October 3, 2023?

In the past, salary negotiations were typically concluded before September, allowing salary earners to enjoy the increment in September. However, due to COVID-19, this changed to January, and now it's returning to September. What about the increment starting in September?

We believe in you, organized labor. Keep us informed about this year's salary negotiations and increments. We hope to receive a positive update or response in the coming weeks. Please do not remain silent for no reason. Let's witness your actions. Last year, starting negotiations earlier resulted in a positive outcome after some deliberation.

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