Just In: NSS Releases Postings to Graduate Applicants

National Service Secretariat who ensures graduates from various public and private tertiary institution serve the nation through a mandatory one year national service. 

In the first week on August, the secretaiat release a letter;

1. The Management of the National Service Scheme (NSS) has, today, released PIN Codes for a total of 142.381 final year Ghanaian students from 125 accredited tertiary Institutions in the country who have so far registered to enroll to do their mandatory national service for the 2023/2024 service year. 2. This does not include individual defaulters who have applied to be enrolled onto this year's national service. Their PIN Codes would also be released soon.

3. All eligible final year Ghanaian students are therefore requested to log onto the Scheme's website on www.nss.gov.gh, to access their PIN Codes with their respective school Index Numbers and Date of Birth. 4. The next step is to proceed to any branch of ADB Bank Ltd. to make payment of GH 40.00; or alternatively, through MTN MoMo platform for GH 41.00, to activate the enrollment process.

5. Closing date for the registration is Saturday, August 19, 2023.

6. Management urges accredited tertiary institutions that are yet to submit their supplementary final year lists, to do so as soon as possible, to enable the Scheme process them also for enrolment for the 2023/2024 national service.

7. All eligible final year Ghanaian students are advised to ensure that they personally complete the enrollment process to avoid errors that may subsequently affect processing for their deployment.

The secretariat has finally released postings to all applicants who applied to be enrolled on the one year mandatory national service. 

Log on to national service official website to check and download where you were posted to serve the nation.

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