Empowering Excellence: Electing ZAINUDEEN ABUBAKAR BAMBA as GNATOC Chairman

We would like to thank you all for your cooperation towards this journey. 

Our candidate *ZAINUDEEN ABUBAKAR BAMBA* has proven his competency and gained all the requisite qualities and experience to man the affairs of Gnatoc. From one achievement to the other just to serve students. 

What is leadership when you lack experience. We are here to market a leader of actions and results.

Below are some of his achievements on AAMUSTED campus;

✅ He was an L.A member as a course Rep for 2 years 2020/2022.

✅ AAMUSTED GMSA P.R.O 2021/2022.

✅ SRC Editorial Board Secretary 2021/2022.

✅ AAMUSTED Nugs appointee 2021/2022.

✅ AAMUSTED nugs awards Committee member 2021/2022

✅ At his department, he was the Editorial Board Secretary. 2021/2022.

✅ At the Unified SRC, he was part of the LOGO Committee that designed the new logo 2021/2022.

✅ AAMUSTED GMSA Judicial board Secretary 2022/2023.

✅ GNATOC P.R.O 2022/2023.

✅ AAMUSTED⁩ Students Parliament Elections and monitoring Committee member 2022/2023.

And many more... and he was able to execute his duty and responsibility beyond his boundaries. He used his position to actually inspire students and the associations to do more.

Now that we need someone to man the affairs of GNATOC and we want to trade this personality for someone else?...

Meanwhile, they say _"Experience is the best teacher".



1) Using advanced way to swiftly migrate all new teachers onto the School PV. 

2) *Effective coordination between executives and council members*. We shall empower council members to make sure they are actively involved in the administration.

3) *Provission of a 24/7 Service.* A permanent worker shall be employed for the office.

4) *Provision of a permanent Laptop 💻 for the office.* To curb the instances where members need document/information but can not get it due to power cutage/light out. 

5) *Provission of WiFi* at the office for free usage of members and to help print payslips for members when the need arises. 

6) Special take home package 📦 for our members who are physically  challenged.

7) Using the Gnatoc office, we shall 

negotiate with management for the wellbeing of teachers on campus. Especially, the moderation of fees payment.

8) Advanced preparation is made in securing UBA soft loan for teachers on campus. I will make sure this agreement see the daylight. 


9) *Gnatoc caretakers* for nursing mothers during lectures. And a temporal play space for kids. 

10) *Gnatoc Unisex salon.* To help have a source of income for the association.

11) Procurement of Gnatoc tent ⛺, chairs and Tables for studies and other exercises for the office.

*With all humility, Let us come together to support BAMBA as the next GNATOC CHAIRMAN.*


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