Finland🇫🇮 has officially opened admissions into winter 2024-Apply Now

Many are making it outside through schooling.

One of the easiest way to migrate permanently to another country is through school. 

Findland is also a welcoming and exciting place to have your undergraduate,Masters and Phd programs.

Application into winter 2024 officially starts this September;

Below are few details you need to know and a link to read more;

• You can do another Bsc or Msc irrespective of your previous degrees.

• Study gap and age is NEVER an issue.

• You can get 50-100% tuition scholarship if you have a 2:1 and IELTS. Application opens next month. Visit

• Many schools don't require IELTS for Msc Admission, if you can pay yourself.

• You need about 7M for everything.

•You can move with your whole family.

•Their passport is better than both USA 🇺🇸 and Canada 🇨🇦.

Some benefits of studying in Europe.

Cheaper education

Easy movement 

Relocation within the region 

Internship opportunities 

Connect with all part of the world

Erasmus opportunities

Eligible to apply for driving license

Amongst many others.

Visit the above link to find out schools in Finland and apply.

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