Austria 🇦🇹 Admission is officially open NOW.


Austria 🇦🇹 Admission is officially open NOW.  

If you want to do it yourself, read this information carefully:  

There are 2 ways one can apply for a Master's program using HND.  

1. By applying directly to the following schools:

a) University of Graz  

b) Bundesministerium Building, Wissenschaft und forschung.  

c) Danube University Krems  

Some will request an interview before admitting you.  


by using your HND to apply for a BSc program and you are given 2 years waiver after your 1st semester.

Kindly consider the following universities for the second option:  

1. Ferdinand Porsche FernFH  

2. Church College of Education 

3. Pedagogical University Tyrol 

4. University College of Teacher Education Vienna 

5. Seeburg Castle University  

6. Lauder Business School  

7. Vienna School of International Studies  

For a Bsc scholarship, consider MCI Die Unternehmerische Hochschule.

Consider the following schools for cheap and affordable tuition: 

 1. Universität Vienna.  

2. Universität Klagenfurt (Alpen Adira Universität)  

3. Universität Salzburg.  

4. Karl Franzens Universität Graz.  

5. Universität Innsbruck. 

 6. Universität Linz (Johannes Kepler 

 Please note: Among these 6 schools, 3 don't require you to pay an application fee, while 3 require you to pay an application fee of 40-60 euro.  

Note: All of the above applies to you too if you have Bsc and you want Msc.  

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