Download Past Questions for NTC Licensure Examination.

The Teacher Licensure Examination in Ghana is a standardized assessment conducted by the National Teaching Council (NTC) to ensure that individuals seeking to become professional teachers possess the necessary knowledge and skills required for effective teaching. The examination is designed to assess candidates' understanding of teaching principles, educational psychology, subject content, and pedagogical knowledge.
Here are some points about the Teacher Licensure Examination in Ghana;
Purpose: The main objective of the examination is to verify the competence of prospective teachers and ensure that they meet the professional standards set by the NTC.
Eligibility: Individuals who have completed a recognized teacher training program at the diploma, degree, or postgraduate level are eligible to take the licensure examination.
Examination Structure: The examination is divided into two main papers - the Literacy and Essential Skills Test (LEST) and the Numeracy and Essential Skills Test (NEST). These papers assess candidates' proficiency in literacy, numeracy, and essential skills for teaching.
Examination Dates: The NTC sets specific examination dates for each year. It is important for candidates to check the NTC website or official communication channels for information regarding the examination schedule.
Registration: Candidates are required to register for the examination by completing the registration process and paying the appropriate examination fees within the specified registration period. Registration details and procedures are typically provided by the NTC.
Examination Centers: The examination is conducted at designated centers across the country. Candidates are assigned to a specific center based on their choice during the registration process.
Examination Results: After the examination, the NTC releases the results, usually within a few weeks. Candidates can access their results online through the NTC portal or by visiting the NTC offices.
Licensing: Successful candidates who pass the examination are awarded the Teacher's License, which is a mandatory requirement for individuals seeking employment as professional teachers in Ghana.
The outcome of the just ended results was very abysmal and this made peoples talking.

There are some samples of National Teaching Council's past questions to guide candidates,  download them using the link below.


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