Important Update: New Validator Request Process for Enhanced Security and Compliance

Controller and Accountants General Department are responsible for salaries and it related issues in Ghana. 

Sometimes, some salary earners undergo through sweat and difficulties in making corrections and other matters relating to salaries, countless of unusual incidence has made some peoples name disappear from the Electronic Salaries Payment Voucher(Espv) permanently without knowing the root cause of the incident. 

Controller and Accountants General Department is bringing to the attention of all validators, heads of Institutions, heads of organisations and the entire public that"Please be informed that, henceforth you cannot use retired staff log in details for validation

They have been terminated

Validators are required to request for change of validators from CAGD regional offices".

These message must be treated with all urgency to institutions still using retired staff log in details for validation. 

Salaries are always there to rely upon but once it goes off, I can rightfully assure you of an unusual heat and pressure you will feel in your system.

Whoever finds this article should enquire the staff whose log in is used for validation in his/her institution and also make it known to your institutional head that this is an update from Controller and Accountants General Department (CAGD).

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