Exploring Salary Structure and Ranks for Teachers in Ghana Education Service (GES)

 Salary Structure and Ranks in Ghana Education Service (GES); Monthly Pay for Teachers in GES

This article provides comprehensive information about the salary structure and ranks in the Ghana Education Service (GES), specifically focusing on teachers' salaries and the impact of promotions on their earnings.
In Ghana, teachers are recognized for their tremendous work; however, their salaries are meager and not noteworthy.

Although the teaching profession is often labeled as one of the worst in terms of compensation, teachers in Ghana still receive a certain level of attraction in their salaries.
Teachers' salaries are determined based on factors such as experience, rank, and responsibilities, including opportunities for promotions.

The ranks in the Ghana Education Service (GES) range from the highest to the lowest as follows:
Director General
Deputy Director General
Director I
Director II
Deputy Director
Assistant Director I
Assistant Director II
Principal Superintendent
Senior Superintendent I
Senior Superintendent II
Superintendent I
Superintendent II
Pupil Teacher

It is important to note that the GES will no longer accept a diploma as the basic requirement for teaching in basic schools. The service has established structures to support diploma holders in upgrading their qualifications to become degree teachers and be placed in the rank of Principal Superintendent directly.

Salary payment in GES follows the Single Spine Salary Structure (SSSS), which consists of two main components: levels and points.
Levels group teachers with similar job portfolios and assign them to the same salary level, ranging from level one to level twenty-five. The Director-General, as the highest-ranked staff, is placed at level 25.
Points indicate the number of years a staff member has been on a particular rank. The staff member who entered a rank first stays ahead of those who joined later by a certain number of years. These points are designed in a way that when a staff member exhausts all the available points on a particular level, they qualify for promotion to the next level.
Here are some highlights of teachers' salaries in Ghana:
Salary at Entry for Diploma Recruits:
Gross salary (basic and 15% retention premium): 2,732.01
SSNIT: 130.66
Taxable income: 2,601.35
Income Tax: 361.39
Net Salary: 2,239.96
Salary at Entry for Degree Holders:
Gross salary (basic and 15% retention premium): 3,459.20
SSNIT: 165.44
Taxable income: 3,293.76
Income Tax: 482.56
Net Salary: 2,811.20
Salary for Director General:
Gross salary (basic and 15% retention premium): 10,523.46
SSNIT: 503.30
Taxable income: 10,020.17
Income Tax: 2,138.04
Net Salary: 7,882.13
Promoted teachers may experience delays in receiving salary increments, especially for diploma holders who upgrade to become degree holders.

The salary scale for teachers in GES ranges from level 14 to level 25, with different salaries corresponding to each rank. Teachers' salaries after promotion depend on their current salary scale and the next level they move into.

Overall, the salary structure in GES is complex and involves various factors such as ranks, qualifications, experience, and responsibilities. Teachers' salaries vary significantly based on these factors and their corresponding placement within the salary structure.

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