Exposing Scammers: Protecting Yourself from Fake Appointment Letters in the Ghana Education Service

Many scammers are currently meddling in the affairs of various ministries. Lately, there has been a concerning trend of counterfeit appointment letters circulating, supposedly issued by the Director-General and other officials responsible for appointments within the Ghana Education Service. 

Some individuals become suspicious shortly after receiving these fraudulent letters, while others unfortunately serve for several years before realizing they've been deceived by these fake documents. Many people have fallen victim to these scammers and their deceitful activities, resulting in significant financial losses.

This article aims to provide guidance on avoiding falling prey to these fake appointment letters. It is crucial for all individuals already within the education system, especially headmasters or headteachers, to carefully scrutinize their appointment letters to distinguish between genuine and counterfeit ones. 

It's worth noting that authentic appointment letters are typically downloaded from the official GES website, and only a few are issued manually. Individuals seeking appointment letters from the Ghana Education Service should exercise caution when dealing with unfamiliar individuals, even if they seem convincing.

 It's essential not to rush into making payments unless the appointment letters have been thoroughly verified and approved by reputable individuals within the education service

Below is one of the fake appointment letter circulating online:

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