Tragedy Strikes Again: The Perils of Crossing Rivers and Seas to School or Work for Island Dwellers

Most peoples living near the sea and on an island mostly speak about how dangerous it is to cross a river or a sea to school or workplace everyday,  the current happenings proves their saying about the dangers associated with crossing the road everyday is not a fallacy. 

It has been weeks when a teacher met his untimely death after a boat capsided them into a sea, this left many Ghaianians especially teachers talking about it. 

Another tragedy has occurred, from the reporter, who narrated everything to Ebentrends, he said Some Students from faana which is a village under Ga South Municipality, which is near koklebitey have met their untimely death, these pupils from an island always cross the river with a boat to school at wiagoman because there is no school at faana, it has been their daily routine but unfortunate for them twelve(12) pupils crossed the sea to school yesterday, on their way home their boat capsided, the reporter said they (the students) were sailing the boat themselves, peoples who were nearby saw the incident and decided to help upon everything they were able to bring out eleven(11) students out the sea, the reporter said after they were found ten(10) of them had already passes on, the remaining one has been taken to Dansoma government hospital to receive treatment . There is one child who is still not found.

These pupils are between the ages of 13 to 15, the eldest among them is fifteen years, who by this incident have met their untimely death. 

May the affected family take heart over such an incidence, it is unfortunate to hear this .

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