Quick notice to all UCC Sandwich Students.

 University of Cape Coast who currently runs three(3) and five(5) semesters programs has  opened their portal to receive new applications into their above mentioned programmes.

This information is very important and must be treated as such, due to the measures taken by the Ministry Of Education together with Ghana Education Service to revert to the old academic calender, students are hereby reminded to take their online lectures serious because students will have to meet on campus for about two weeks, a week for lectures and a week for exams.

Students are hereby reminded to make full payment of fees, as said weeks by the  SRC executive; According to the communique on school fees by the Coalition referenced CoSc/SRCP/02-23/14, which 

included the high fees component for the current semester, the leadership engaged Institute of Education  (as promised) on the said matter. Though negotiation is still ongoing, we wish to state emphatically that 

management sympathize with students and has acknowledged that fees are high due to the adoption of the new module of instruction (Zoom meetings). In that regard, it has been agreed that an amount would be refunded to students if the anticipated credit hours for the semester are not met.

In view of the above response from Institute, leadership wish to remind students to fulfill their obligation by paying school fees required for the semester as soon as possible to defray debt owed as we continue to monitor the situation closely. Students are entreated to cooperate with the leadership to avoid any future inconveniences that may affect them due to non-payment.

From the letter released by the institute, the deadline for submission of the application is 31st May, 2023, new applicants are likely to begin their academic year this June under all things being equal,  although it is not stated but it is likely to happen so applicants ie 3 semesters should prepare incase it happens or better still new applicants ie 3 semesters could begin their academic year in August. 

Much emphasis was not made  about the five(5) semesters programs however they have to also prepare to face any update from the institute.

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