Frequent Classroom Defecation in Abesewa D/A Primary School: Chairman Takes Action | Ashanti Region News

Mr. Ampem Darko Nicholas, the Chairman of the Unit Committee in Abesewa, a community in the Ashanti region, expressed concern about the frequent occurrence of individuals defecating in the classrooms of Abesewa D/A Primary School. As a result, students in classes 1 and 2 are forced to stay home. Mr. Darko Nicholas shared this information during an interview with High Radio, explaining that while the students were attending school, they encountered the circuit supervisor who reported the incident to the Education Director. Consequently, classes 1 and 2 were temporarily closed to ensure the safety and well-being of the students.

Mr. Darko Nicholas mentioned that he and his committee members, along with the Assemblyman, are making efforts to address this unfortunate situation so that the students can resume their studies in the classrooms. The Chairman disclosed that this issue, which started about a year ago, had been temporarily resolved through the intervention of community leaders, the Assemblyman, and the committee members. They had organized night watchmen to guard the school premises and prevent further incidents. However, last Tuesday, the staff called the Unit Committee Chairman and the Assemblyman to witness another distressing scene of defecation in the school early in the morning.

To combat this issue, the Unit Committee Chairman expressed their commitment to tackling this problem and announced that they will be holding a meeting with community leaders today to discuss possible solutions and improve the situation. Mr. Darko Nicholas appealed to everyone to refrain from engaging in such disrespectful behavior as it not only has negative consequences for the individuals involved but also tarnishes the community's reputation. Furthermore, he highlighted that this issue adversely affects the teaching and learning environment, thereby negatively impacting the students' education.

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