Unveiling May's Validation Changes and Resolving Payment Issues

 Validation is an electronic confirmation of staffs on the payment voucher, it happens monthly which gives assurance to salary earners to be paid, mostly some staffs hardly keep silence when validation is not released on the known date.

Salary earners mostly encounters different problems when validation is released; reduction in salary, unauthorised deductions, promotion problems, names deleting from the ESPV, names moving from one PV to the other and other related issues, hence it is relevant staffs contact their validators to ensure everything is in contact.

These are  some changes that has been realised as validation for the month of May is released, newly posted teachers whose staff Ids just came has been been captured on the ESPV, with some having their arrears paid in full whilst others have only three months arrears paid.

Due to some discrepancies that came earlier this year, some staffs who were promoted to their rightfully salary structures but were not paid their monies, this month's validation has captured some arrears, hence defaulters should contact their validators to check if they were captured.

Some promotions have also effected on the ESPV, all those with point increment or promotional issues  can contact their validators for clarification. These are some few changes seen on the ESPV,  but every staff must contact their validators for updates because unexpected changes happens every month.

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