Ghana Education Service Begins inter/intra districts transfers-2023

Everybody wants to work at a conducive and a better environment, In Ghana here, area where you work can determine how strong your financial strengths will be, many peoples who work in deprive communities are limited to certain benefit depending on the area, likewise some peoples in urban communities are also limited to certain opportunities, both have it positive and negative sides, in view of this many peoples after  working for some number of years decide to move to different area knowing to be better than their current area or place of work.

Ghana Education Service in every year releases and transfers their staffs to different areas depending on their reasons attached to application, many are the reasons some staffs are transfered or released, few are; Health issues,  promotion, spiritual problems, threat from the community or society, old age, schooling, elderly role, joining a partner and many others. In most places, metro/Municipal/districts do not easy transfer or release their staffs to different areas reasons being that they lack teachers in that area, which doesn't sound well, per the teaching condition, anybody who works for three to four years can move out that metro/Municipal/district to their preferred place, Some districts ask their staffs to look for assurance, after everything they will still be denied the release.

Ghana Education Service has once again open door for staffs who wish to move out and into a metro/Municipal/District in the Ghana Education Service. The deadline for the release is very limited and so staffs who wish to move must act accordingly in other not to be denied. Staffs who made all effort last year but couldn't result a positive outcome must push harder to be granted the release this time. Wishing all applicants all the best.

Below are the release letter 

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