JUST IN: Coalition of Sandwich Students Addresses Payment, Online Lectures, and Results Issues in Latest Statement


We bring you warm greetings from the leadership of the Coalition of Sandwich Students. We thank and 

appreciate you, our cherished members, for the cooperation and continuous trust in our stewardship; we 

are grateful. The leadership wishes to address the following issues;


According to the communique on school fees by the Coalition referenced CoSc/SRCP/02-23/14, which 

included the high fees component for the current semester, the leadership engaged Institute of Education  (as promised) on the said matter. Though negotiation is still ongoing, we wish to state emphatically that 

management sympathize with students and has acknowledged that fees are high due to the adoption of the new module of instruction (Zoom meetings). In that regard, it has been agreed that an amount would be refunded to students if the anticipated credit hours for the semester are not met.

In view of the above response from Institute, leadership wish to remind students to fulfill their obligation by paying school fees required for the semester as soon as possible to defray debt owed as we continue to monitor the situation closely. Students are entreated to cooperate with the leadership to avoid any future inconveniences that may affect them due to non-payment.


The Coalition wishes to thank the management of Institute, our tutors and our constituents for 

participating in the ongoing Zoom lectures. We are aware of the few challenges, which include cost of 

data bundle and poor internet connectivity. We believe that members are also aware of the schedule of 

activities meted out by Institute for the semester, indicating little or no space for face-to-face lectures till 

we write end of semester examination.

In light of this, we admonish all students to exhaust all possible ways to participate actively in the 

lectures. We again encourage members to report to the leadership at your various campuses issues 

hindering your academics for amicable solutions.


It is rather unfortunate that the long-awaited results for the previous semester has not been released. 

Information on our desk indicates that the process is far advanced and the results would be released soon. 

Students are therefore encouraged to exercise patience as we engage management for a possible quicker 

process in releasing the results.

We wish you all the best through the rest of our journey with Institute. The Coalition of Sandwich 

Students remains resolute to our core mandate to champion students’ welfare.

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