Attention Newly Posted Teachers: Confirm Your Placement for Accurate Documentation and Effective Management by Ghana Education Service (GES)

The Ghana Education Service (GES) confirms newly posted teachers to ensure the accuracy and validity of their placements in various educational institutions.

the confirmation process by the Ghana Education Service ensures that newly posted teachers are appropriately assigned, their appointments are properly documented, and the teaching workforce is efficiently managed to meet the educational needs of the country.

There is a release asking all newly posted teachers to apply for confirmation, the letter reads;

Applications are invited from teachers who qualify and wish to be considered for Confirmation. All applicants must have taught for 9 months or more.


Application Letter.

⚫ First Appointment Letter.

Assumption of Duty Letter.

• Personal Record Form.

• Memo from Headteacher duly endorsed by SISO.


⚫ Closing date for submission of applications to the District Education Office is 25th MAY, 2023.

⚫ Late submissions would not be tolerated.

Below is the attached letter 

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