Ghana Education Service (GES) Distributes Academic Intervention Fees to Enhance Education Sector Performance


The Ghana Education Service (GES) recently announced that it has received academic intervention fees which will be distributed to senior high schools throughout the country. The primary objective of these funds is to incentivize staff to improve their performance and promote the overall enhancement of education in Ghana. In order to ensure that the funds are distributed properly, the GES has instructed school leaders to follow the guidelines outlined in the circular letter.

These academic intervention fees are expected to motivate teachers to work harder and help students achieve better academic results. In recognition of the contributions made by non-teaching staff and school managers to the education sector in Ghana, they are also expected to receive their fair share of the funds.

It is essential that these funds are not used for any other purpose and the GES has warned against any misuse of the funds. The service has also encouraged staff to use the funds wisely and contribute to the development of their respective schools.

The academic intervention fees are part of the government's initiative to improve the quality of education in Ghana and acknowledge the dedication of staff who work tirelessly to ensure that the education sector succeeds. The GES anticipates that this effort will inspire staff to work harder and contribute to the advancement of education in Ghana.

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