Cost of Living Allowances Negotiations for Public Sector Workers in Ghana Amidst Recent Tax Policy Changes


Negotiations has to be underway for the 2023 cost of living allowances (COLA) for public sector workers in Ghana. Organized labor unions may request COLA due to recent tax policy changes implemented by the government. 

The discussions for increased pay will heavily consider elements such as inflation, taxes, and living conditions. Joshua Ansah, deputy secretary general of the Ghana Trades Union Congress, expressed his dissatisfaction with the government's decision to raise taxes, stating that the TUC would monitor the use of taxes generated by the proposed bills. 

Parliament approved three revenue-related bills with a goal to generate additional revenue for the country, but Mr. Ansah argued that governments have never clarified the reason for imposing heavy tax burdens on workers.

 The TUC will hold the government accountable for the use of taxes generated by the bills. COLA for public sector workers in 2023 is a reality amidst these developments. TUC must take expedite action to make this request if not public service workers may face difficulties in their budget.

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