Calling all Publishers and Authors: NaCCA Launches Online Portal for Instructional Materials Assessment and Approval"

The National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NaCCA) is pleased to announce that, it has finished with modalities for Junior High School instructional resources assessment. 
These modalities were part of reforms that seek to enhance the assessment and approval processes on instructional materials for the education sector. NacCA is therefore inviting publishers, writers, authors and other relevant stakeholders, to submit their materials for assessment and approval.

As part of the enhancement modalities, it has completed the development of an online Instructional Resources Assessment and Approval Portal (1RAAP). NaCCA is ofcially inviting al publishers, authors

and other educational material developers to submit their materials via the new online portal (RAAP)for assessment and approval starting from Tuesday, I1th of April, 2023. The online portal can be accessed at https:z/liaap.acca.geYght.

We take this opportunity to thank all partners and stakeholders for their patience during the period of activities that put the processes to a halt temporarily.

For more clarification and assistance, kindly call the following numbers: 0302909071 or 0548047019. You may also contact our website:

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