Submit Your Ghana Card Photocopies to HR Office before Deadline. GAWMED TO TEACHER

The Ga West Municipal Education Directorate (GAWMED) has issued a notice to newly recruited teachers who have not yet received their Staff IDs. These teachers are required to submit a photocopy of their Ghana card to the HR Office for further processing by the Regional Education Office. The deadline for submitting the photocopy of the Ghana card is Tuesday, 28th March 2023.

 This request only applies to newly recruited teachers without Staff IDs, and those who have already received their Staff IDs do not need to submit their Ghana card photocopies. 

Complying with this directive is crucial to ensure that the teachers are accurately captured on the government's payroll system.

 Failure to comply may result in delayed Staff IDs and other related challenges. This request is in line with the GES's directive to update personal data on the GIFMIS platform. All affected teachers are encouraged to submit their Ghana card photocopies before the deadline for an efficient payroll system.


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