Advantages of pursuing further courses outside Ghana.


Many are ignorant on how to further apply for schools outside Ghana to pursue Bachelor, post Graduate and PHD programmes, as a results it seem difficult to undertake further studies overseas, but investigations have proven it is easier and has a lot of benefit to study outside.

Below are some few benefits you can have ones you have decided to study outside Ghana.


In Ghana, only few lucky ones enjoy scholarship schemes, it is only available to few programs and at the end only few benefits, but for overseas a lot of scholarship opportunities are available to students who are studying post Graduates and Doctorate programs, this scholarship scheme which takes care of students tuition till they complete. Their scholarship have no restricted to a particular country or peoples, it is open to all, it is unlike places where you must be lead by a personality before you will be shortlisted, ones you meet their criteria you will be shortlisted.

           STUDY AND WORK 

Well-developed countries have a well structured educational systems with some flexibilities like  enabling students to study and work at the same time, because it is known that not all students are coming from a well to do family and so students can work and pay their utilities, and the exciting part is students from different countries turn up making properties in their various towns before the end of their programme from the little they get as part-time workers. When some peoples are employed as permanent staffs in their own country building a four bedroom flat becomes a headache.

         STUDENT VISA 

Most peoples went with students visa but have ended up being citizens of the country they visited to pursue their further studies. Visa is a requirements to enable you into the country for your studies. In some countries you will be allowed to go along with your family(wife and children) if any, in some countries you will not be allowed but with some flexible terms you will not wish to loose. When you decide to work with your students visa, it will be replaced for another visa which will enable you to work and study, at the end of the studies some students finds a job and then lives a comfortable lives there. It is always an opportunity to study oOpportunities


In some countries finding job is a whole problem as a graduate, peoples kneel to beg for job after acquiring all the needed skills and knowledge over the job in his studies this results to low income salary, since the system has generated a lot of graduates with few jobs.

Peoples who study outside Ghana turn up getting a lucrative job which is worth paying and at the end becomes a bread winner.

Above are few opportunities you should choose studying overseas to Ghana.

In summary, the above opportunities are few to benefit if one decides to study overseas, always choose overseas over Ghana when pursuing a further educational or non educational programme or courses because the opportunities are limitless.

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