We have put to an end the perennial examination leakages- Hon Yaw Adutwum says


According to records, Examinations conducted way back were fair and transparent , pupils were made to learn to come out with the best in them, in recent times, both BECE and WASSCE exams is not as trusted as before. A student who comes out with a single number then was a well trusted and was seen as brilliant but students who come out with single digits no longer have such value like before.

The examination malpractices is becoming a deathly disease which this nation needs to vigorously fight about because some stakeholders are now involved and are in support of the said canker but honestly this practice is not revealing the true performance of our younger ones. Some higher institutions in Ghana no longer value some grades and results students bring, because all this grades and results does not reflect in their performance at the tertiary level.

As our effort to continually bridge this pothole in Ghana’s Education, one of the important variables that needs to be looked at is examination malpractice. It is important note that the quality of students produced by various schools especially basic schools across the country is directly proportional to the sanity of the final examination.

Hon. Yaw Adutwum in an interview with TV3 New Day morning show said “when the president charged me to end the examination malpractices, We went around the world to bring the best practices called serialization.

Two years ago on the BECE different regions had different question even though it is the same level of difficulty. Peoples who used to sell the questions online saw that their market was gone, they pulled down their websites because some peoples who bought it were in Accra but they bought the questions for Ashanti Region therefore it didn’t show up, just this past year, every examination center had different set of questions and the coming examination within the same examination room students are going to have different examination questions, it will be a game changer, when that happens we have stopped leakages and examination malpractices within the room.

A week ago all the West Africa Educational Ministers met in Sierre Leone, I shared with them the story of Ghana putting an end to examination leakages and they were super excited, so we have results together that we are going to meet with WAEC to also serialize WASSCE to make sure that there would be no leakages in WASSCE, we will remove the incentives for leakages  so if want to  sell and make money nobody will buy, there will be no market for leaked questions.

Three years ago, a certain school whose name I wouldn’t mention students went on demonstration when the leaked questions didn’t show up, students have begin to think that is a right to have questions leaked, this will be a thing of the past. When I am no longer here, and this perennial problem have been resolved offed, it is something I can looked back to and will make me happy”

In conclusion, headteachers and teachers must educate their students on how this serialization would work and will not leave room for examination malpractices.


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