Quick notice to all UCC Sandwich students


The National Coalition of Sandwich Students wishes to inform you about the resolution after deliberation with Institute concerning the next academic semester.

This year's academic calendar for GES has informed the necessity to adjust to the circumstances in play, thus the stretch in the basic school calendar. This has left us the sandwich students with no or little space to have our regular contacts for our programme. In spite of this, the Institute of Education after deliberation with leadership and stakeholders has designed a means to engage students for the next academic semester to avoid the extension of the programme period.

It has been resolved that there shall be online lectures for students on the various programmes for the next academic semester and a short face-to-face engagement coupled with quizzes and exams. The semester shall have two sessions of which the first session will be for quizzes and the second session will be for examinations. Prior to each of the sessions shall be the online lectures which shall begin on February 27, 2023 for the first session of the semester. Details and schedules of the programme shall be communicated by the Institute of Education very soon. An online orientation shall be provided to explain and guide students through the process.

Students are entreated to avail themselves for the better good and smooth running of the programme at this moment of time scarcity. The leadership of the Coalition with Institute shall consider all factors at play and ensure the efficient running of the programme. Thank you.

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