Matters arising as February Validation drops.


There is a saying that “ everyday carries it own troubles” these troubles are necessarily not meant to be evil or bad, salary earners get to face some challenges and excitement monthly. It could be that upgrading, point increment, payment of arrears, removal from the espv and some other matters.

The validation for the month of February is here and here are some few changes that has occurred;

1. Payment of trainees who did their biometric in November; it is Ababio us ones biometric is done in a specific month, salary payment follows in that same or next month depending the date it was done, after the biometric done in November, these trainees have gone through a lot, in December 2022, their names were not captured on the Espv for validation hence they didn’t receive anything, follows up to January last month, their names were captured with everything but the monies paid into their accounts were reversed, the reason behind is best know to the CAGD staffs. In this month’s Validation, some of them have had their names captured on Espv, some hoping they sort them this month na pressure dey town, others didn’t get their names appeared means they have to be added as missing staffs.

2. Some staffs were promoted last year 2022 and yet have not being put to their respective salary scale, but the good news most of them have been placed on their rightful scales but others have still not been sorted out, hoping they sort them out in the coming months.

3. Point increment happens once a year, some peoples have had problem with their point increment, it no longer moves but the good news for them is most of them have had their point increment moved, some of them were suppose to have their point increased last year but didn’t reflect, all these anomalies have been sorted.

The above issues and many others have been worked on by CAGD, hoping to see more in the upcoming months.

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