It is obvious ones Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) results is released, school placement follows suit.

This article will guide you step by step on how to check your school placement with ease.

What is the short code for school placement?

The short code to check the BECE school placement is *477*160#.

NB: This short code works on all networks.

How can I check my school placement through SMS?

1. Have a mobile device that can send and receive messages.

2. Have a strong network.

3.Have your 10 digit index number used in the BECE.

4.Open your text and input the 10 digit index number

5.Send the text to 1060 and wait for an SMS.

How to check CSSPS Placement online

Log onto the CSSPS placement Checker portal at

1. Buy the placement checker by selecting buy voucher option to buy the placement checker card through MTN mobile Money at a cost of 5gh.

2.After buying the CSSPS Placement checker, click the check placement option on the CSSPS portal.

3.Afterwards proceed to enter your BECE index number and then enter your year of examination by the following format: if is 1234567890, then add the year of your Examination to it, say 2021, then you will input: 123456789021.

4. Enter the serial number and pin found on the E-Voucher purchased.

5.Click on submit to see your SHS School placement.

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