Check the set date for re-opening for form ones and reason for the said date- GES explains


Since the school placement was released, parents are making adequate preparations to enroll their wards in the Senior High schools they were placed, in view of this Ghana Education service has officially released a communique to inform the public about the re-opening of the freshers,and it reads

“The management of the Ghana Education Service wishes to inform all Heads of Public Second Cycle Schools that form one students are to report to school from 20th February,2023 to pick up their prospectuses and complete the necessary registration and orientation processes.

School officially re-open for academic work on 27th February,2023 for form ones.

The one week period is for students and parents to adequately prepare for school to ensure a smooth transition into their schools.

By this letter, Regional Directors Of Education are kindly requested to communicate the above directives to all Heads of Public Second Cycle Schools and ensure that all students who report to their respective schools for admissions are informed accordingly”.

Thank you.

All teachers, parents and other stakeholders should take note of the above information and act accordingly.

Below is the release letter;

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