check out Activities that will greatly increase your Children Intelligence as Parents.

 It is every parents dream their wards becomes more powerful and attain higher or achieve greatly than they were unable to attain. There are some few factors which affect the growth of the child, which is environment, irrespective of how the child receives some genes and character from their parents, the environment has a way to manipulate them to either become more stronger or weaker than their parents. For instance, if say child A has an Intelligent parent and say child B has an average Intelligent parent, In class, child A performs more than child B but as times goes on child B's activities were monitored by his parent but child A's parent knew their ward is amongst the few brilliant ones and his activities are not monitored and being given his free will to do what he likes, amongst which of these will perform massively as life progresses?.

below are some few activities parents should take good note in raising their children to become critical thinkers and logical reasoners.

 Parents should engage their wards in a mental challenging activities like:

1. Playing Instruments; I am yet to be convinced if instruments playing is an easy task , for your child to be a good thinker, enroll him/her in a guitar,piano, trumpet, saxophone and many others class, if only your child do not stop attending classes, hey I challenge you cannot love your child less because it is a whole mental challenging activities.

2. Engage children in a puzzle game; there are a lot of puzzle games online, which parents can download for their wards to practice everyday, some puzzles are designed in such away that you need to complete a task before the next one pops up, by so doing children learns to work independently and build up self confidence to face problems. Television Game is also a factor to help children build up their critical thinking, for this game children must be guided with a strict rules in order not to go wayward.

3. Some parents hardly have  time to communicate with their children, but for children to build up their thinking skills parents can give a case study and guide them to find solution to the case studies, this enable the children think critically. 

4. Identify the interest of your Child and help build it; Every child has a unique interest in an activity, he/she cannot sit when such activity is undertaking. Examples: football, volleyball, netball, draft, oware etc . It could be craftsmanship, help build them.

There are a lot of activities parents can put in place for children to build up their thinking and logical skills, but above are few.

Some children irrespective of any activities will still be like they are; gifted or Talented.

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