Check out reasons why Hon. Kennedy Agyapong is the best Candidate for the New Patriotic Party.

Good leaders are peoples with an innate capability to effectively manage and lead groups of peoples to achieve collective goals.

The state of this nation needs a vibrant, active and a commanding leaders to help.

Since the ruling party, New Patriotic Party will be going to choose a president candidates to lead them in the upcoming general elections in 2024, all the candidates qualifies to lead but one amongst them is the best to lead the above mentioned party.

Below are some exceptional qualities found in Honourable Kennedy Agyapong that makes him stand extraordinary amongst other contestants.

In the first place,  Hon Ken is know to be Courageous, To be a good and effective leader, the person must be courageous in all decisions, all and sundry can attest that Honourable Kennedy Agyapong has this unique quality among all other contestants. The fear in him is dim and hence speaks out the truth when necessary. For instance, he always speaks out with some passion to the party executives why certain things are not done right, which will takes years for others to be able to voice out.

Also He is Knowledgeable; Hon Kennedy Agyapong is knowledgeable in how he organizes his activities, Hon Ken has an in depth knowledge of how to establish and maintain businesses which Ghana needs one. A president to step feet to ensure the nation is equipped with so much companies to help the youth.

Ambition: We give responsibility to someone who is known best for a good reputation on responsibility, Hon Kennedy always have Ghana at heart and voices out his love and wish for this nation, Ghana, his ambition to explore interns of business is unmatched among others. Hon Ken wants to always bring out an idea to promote his works, does this person not fit for a higher office?, where he will have all the associated materials to bring his ambition to reality.

Hon. Ken is known best to be Integrity: Is believing someone when a task is given or assigned. Npp's can boldly and in authority trust Hon. Kennedy when giving the nod to lead the party in the upcoming election.

Hon Kennedy Agyapong can blend all the three types of leadership skills to make him effective and all loving leader; Democracy, autocratic and Lessie- Faire. Any leader who fails to blend all of the above mentioned skills does not fit to lead.

Above all, He is the only man who can ensure rules and regulations in this country, we live in a country where we do not abide by simple rules and regulations, our country is more or less like a lawlessness country. Ghana now needs an energetic man to lead not old men who can no longer discipline their grandchildren when they go wayward.

In the nutshell, All the above qualities are found in Hon Kennedy Ohene Agyapong to lead the New Patriotic party into the upcoming general elections 2024.

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