Matters arising as January Validation drops.

 All public servants and civil servants have been curious since the negotiations of base pay begun late in 2022, low and behold it came to a conclusive end in 12th January, 2023, with effective 1st January, 2023.

Most peoples were in a confuse state because they know on 12th January, Controller And Accountant General Department (CAGD) has already finished input and are undergoing review, but the one condition attached to the increment was effective from 1st January, 2023, most peoples knew controller would not add up the increment and so it will be carried to February as an arrears for January.

Validation for January is in and for your information, Controller And Accountant's General Department(CAGD) has processed everything within this short period for every salary earner who is affected by the just ended increment will receive the 30% increment this month.

In conclusion, the increment Organized Labour fought for it members  has finally reflected on the validation portal.

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